Author Topic: READ BEFORE APPLYING.  (Read 41457 times)


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Terms and Conditions.

1. Follow all official Argonath RPG rules.

2. Roleplay an active criminal while in the family.

3. Show respect to all players in Argonath, be them Allies Enemies or Neutral.

4. Respect and follow orders given by higher ranks than your own.

5. Do not disrespect fellow group members.

6. The family must always be your main priority.

7. Wearing a tag alongside the Ancelotti surname is forbidden.

8. You must always put your allies and associates first. (Help them at all costs.)

9. Never attack or kill a fellow family member, no matter the reason.

10. Roleplay your role to the best of your ability.

Breaking these rules will result in a severe warning or kick from the organisation. Do so at your own risk.