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Code: [Select]
[color=black][size=18pt]✘ [/size] Ingame Name;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Previous IG names;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] What is your registration date;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] What is your timezone;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Why do you want to join the family;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Previous Groups;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Have you got a license and a passport;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] What is your net worth(how much money do you have)?;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Have you role-played with Ancelotti before, if so with who?;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Do you understand and agree with the rules of our family and the server?;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] What will be your name be when you are accepted?;
[size=18pt]★ [/size] Summarise a short background of your characters life(Minimum 200 words):[/color]